Heart disease often has no symptoms therefore, screening for risk factors is the first step toward identifying the risk.Screenings save lives.

Screenings can detect potential problems which may signal the risk of developing serious health conditions as: heart disease, diabetes.
Screenings in your community.

Watch for Heart Health Screenings in your communityor call us to schedule one.

Currently, Tombigbee Healthcare Authority (GROWest AL) makes it easy for individuals to affordable Heart Health Screenings as they are offered FREE in Choctaw, Greene, Marengo, Pickens, Sumter and Clarke Counties.

Health & Wellness Education Center is currently conducting Heart Health Screenings at community health fairs, local Churches, Schools and other community functions. These screenings are provided as a service of Tombigbee Healthcare Authority.

What does a Heart Health Screening include?

A Heart Health screening may include: blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, weight and height screenings, as well as an electronic health profile. The electronic health profile (provided courtesy of UWA) provides a detail report of your Heart Health risk status and chances of developing heart disease, and Healthy Lifestyle recommendation to improve your
overall health.
Screening, Detection & Assessment
Heart disease is a lifelong condition, once you get it, you’ll always have it. Untreated, the condition worsen. Therefore, one must take steps now toward prevention.
Disclaimer: …with All My Heart is for educational purposes only and does not provide medical advice or treatment. Consult your medical provider for more information and treatment of Heart Disease.
Health & Wellness Education Center Increasing Awareness of Heart Disease
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Visit our Heart Health Partners

Sumter County BOE
Hill Hospital of Sumter County
University of West AL
Black Belt Community Foundation
New Generation Church
Sumter Co Health Dept
Sumter Health & Rehab

also visit www.jump2italabama.com
Health & Wellness Education Center Increasing Awareness of Heart Disease
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